RSPCA Paw Prints

Engaging junior animal lovers with an educational twist.

Contrary to the popular belief, we successfully worked with kids and animals! In doing so we changed a simple members magazine into a valuable and much-loved educational resource.

For all creatures great and small

A well-known, respected and trusted animal rights charity, the RSPCA has been in operation since 1871, working to prevent cruelty to animals by promoting their care and protection.


RSPCA Paw Prints Magazine

The Challenge

Redevelop the RSPCA’s Paw Prints magazine to increase its appeal to the organisation’s junior membership, while competing in a crowded market for the attention of the ever hard-to-impress child.

The Solution

Following a pitch win against a number of other creative agencies, Fresh put our strategy into place. This involved repositioning the existing Paw Prints mail out into a highly educational series of collector books for the young reader, rather than something simply read and then discarded.

This was based around the development of our hero character, the wise owl ambassador. A number of new sections were also introduced to engage the target market of 7 to 11-year-olds.

The concept of themed editions was also launched, allowing the creation of a more cohesive publication. Utilising a standard template, each publication could have its own unique colour palette, images and articles whilst maintaining a consistent brand identity. This worked to make each edition a collector’s item to store on the bookshelf, similar to other publication series.