Million Paws Walk

Turning a simple walk into a festival celebrating man’s best friend

As the RSPCA’s largest and most high profile fundraising event, Fresh reinvigorated the initiative by targeting a younger demographic and giving the communications the feel of a fun filled festival.

For all creatures great and small

A well-known, respected and trusted animal rights charity, the RSPCA has been in operation since 1871, working to prevent cruelty to animals by promoting their care and protection.


RSPCA Million Paws Walk

The Challenge

To unite and align two national conversation organisations, and their associated affiliates, under the one banner, as part of an organisational merger process. With an aging core membership, this also involved modernising the brand to provide greater appeal to a younger market.

The Solution

Fresh saw the key to success as targeting a younger market and encouraging them to support the RSPCA, with their involvement adding to the vital funds that support the organisation.

We wanted the communications to therefore reflect a more “fun-filled festival” aesthetic, and so we developed a fun, eye-catching and unique logo and illustration style that would appeal to a younger demographic and potential new donors, while not disenfranchising the event’s traditional supporters.

Fresh also developed short, succinct copy designed to promote all aspects of the day, from sausage sizzles to merchandise stalls. Reminiscent of a “festival”, the communications collateral designed – as well as the popular merchandise developed – all worked strongly to position the Million Paws Walk as a jam-packed, fun-filled day out. This made it a successful event that appealed to a broad range of interests, whether participants were pet owners or simply animal lovers.


The results from Million Paws Walk 2010 (2012) have been amazing. $440,000 raised so far in Victoria, up 28% from last year.


The merchandise sales were also up 24% this year as well. Everyone just loved the new look Million Paws Walk.