Mental Health Research Institute

Demonstrating scientific excellence with a human touch

With the need to appeal to a vast range of stakeholders, Fresh put some deep thought into the Mental Health Research Institute’s annual report and livened it up from its usual style, and set it apart with a positive, people-centred and excellence-driven focus.

Great thinkers looking into our thoughts

The Mental Health Research Institute is a premier psychiatric research facility that seeks to better understand the causes of psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases, in order to improve diagnosis, treatment and prevention.


Mental Health Research Institute Annual Report

The Challenge

To design an annual report for a mental health research facility that needed to appeal to range of stakeholders, from potential donors, through to those members of the scientific community, whilst maintaining a human connection.

The Solution

In creating the annual report we wished to showcase MHRI’s new, state-of-the-art facilities as well as their scientific excellence, critical elements to favourably position the Institute with the range of stakeholders that were the target market.

The design concept developed by Fresh not only demonstrated this scientific excellence but also captured the human qualities that are so critical in dealing with mental health.

The imagery used displayed people in an approachable, human light whilst maintaining a serious nature that is both associated with, and expected of, the health sector. This really set the annual report apart from the normally conservative approach expected in this area.

The MHRI brandmark was also interwoven seamlessly into the concept, creating a strong visual platform that built brand awareness throughout the publication.