The strategic engineering of a global corporate brand

In developing a brand profile, we changed perceptions through showcasing the global operation as not just an engineering firm, but a truly integrated company that encompasses every phase of the construction cycle.

Building to something special

One of the world’s largest independent engineering consulting firms, Meinhardt provides a “one-stop” approach for total project delivery from over 35 offices globally.


Meinhardt Corporate Brochures

The Challenge

To change the perception of Meinhardt from being simply an engineering firm, to that of an organisation offering solutions right across the entire construction cycle. At the same time, our output needed to work effectively across all global offices of the organisation, located within more than 20 different territories.

The Solution

Working closely with the Global CEO and Senior Management Team, Fresh realised the potential of a stronger Meinhardt brand, and so developed clean, bold and striking designs.

These, along with a tag line and series of key headline messaging, worked to clearly reflect Meinhardt’s desired positioning and key capabilities. This messaging was critical in ensuring that the reader could understand, in an instant, who the organisation was, and what they did.

The use of striking panoramic image spreads showcased a selection of Meinhardt’s large-scale, high profile projects and provided a compelling visual testament to their design, engineering and project management capabilities.

The globe design on the cover was completed using a metallic foil print, which spoke of Meinhardt’s high-end quality and depicted the truly global nature of the business.

Following the success of this first printed corporate profile, Meinhardt’s head office in Singapore employed Fresh to develop a brochure specifically to showcase the group’s outstanding façade engineering capability, which again used high-end design to match the design aesthetics of the structures themselves.

“Meinhardt has offices across more than 30 countries. Fresh understood the challenges of creating a corporate profile that would work across the world. This meant clear, concise copy; creative graphics with impact; and, importantly, strong project management skills to take on board feedback from many different stakeholders”

Justin Farmer – Communications ManagerMeinhardt Group