Health Super

Rebranding a super fund to gain a market leading position

Following a complete brand audit, Fresh breathed new life into the health sector superannuation fund, through the development of a complete brand program incorporating a new identity, positioning line, messaging and tone of voice.

Caring for the future of Australia’s carers

As one of Australia’s largest super funds, Health Super has more than $32 billion in funds under management and over 770,000 members.


Health Super Rebrand

The Challenge

To arrest a decline in membership numbers, Health Super needed to increase brand awareness and loyalty, while defining a strong and differentiating market positioning within their category.

The Solution

Working closely with Health Super, Fresh undertook a major brand audit which identified a number of critical factors that impacted membership growth.

This led to the first step in revitalising the Health Super brand which was to develop a brand strategy that provided a clear vision and positioning. From there, we developed a new, modern identity that combined the graphic elements of a cross with a heart shape. This represented the coming together of the health and superannuation industries whilst capturing Health Super’s brand promise – “to look after the Health and Community Services community”.

In a bold move for the category, Fresh chose a bright and “optimistic” colour palette of magenta and warm brown, which clearly differentiated the brand from the competitive landscape. A new positioning line that deliberately incorporated emotive words was also developed – ‘We’re there for the people who care’ – and this was displayed in a warm and friendly typeface.

Additionally, Fresh developed a communication strategy designed to build brand awareness and, ultimately, increase membership. This was supported by the development of a suite of communications and a new, interactive website providing members and employers with easy access to the latest super fund information.

“In a bold move for the category, we chose a bright and “optimistic” colour palette of magenta and warm brown, and at the same time utilised dynamic real life imagery of everyday people. This created a cohesive visual identity that clearly differentiated the brand from its main competitor.”

Ben Gummow - Design DirectorFresh Brand