Giving the brand wings to scale new heights

Following some major acquisitions, Fresh redeveloped a new vision for the BlueCross brand, positioning it for further growth as a leader in the aged care sector, as well as giving it a brighter and more optimistic brand feel.

Enriching the lives of Australia’s senior community

BlueCross provides aged care services and support across 22 residences throughout Victoria, whilst also offering at-home care to more than 1500 older Australians.


BlueCross Rebrand

The Challenge

To redevelop the BlueCross brand to symbolise the consolidation of a number of other business acquisitions, whilst also reflecting the combination of various service offerings. At the same time, it was also necessary to communicate BlueCross’s positioning as a premium quality, aged care service provider.

The Solution

In developing the brand strategy and central offer for the BlueCross brand, it was important to both identify and understand the perceptions, needs and expectations of key influencers and purchasers. This was achieved through an internal audit with key stakeholders, as well as external research with consumers, target audiences and influencer groups.

The brandmark developed depicted a butterfly, which, as a symbol of change and transition, reflected the move of older Australians to a different phase of their lives and their first engagement with BlueCross. It also created an immediate impression of vibrancy and wellbeing that both resonated with the target audience and reflected the values and personality of the brand.

The “optimistic” style of the brandmark also served well to differentiate BlueCross from its key competitors, as well as setting it apart from any religious, medical or emergency associations that may have negative connotations for the aged.

Originating from the brand promise of ‘vibrant communities and wellbeing’, Fresh created the positioning line 'enriching lives' which was designed to capture the role that BlueCross plays in the lives of older Victorians, no matter what level of care they require.

“The vision for the Blue Cross brand was to change the face of aged care by focusing on wellness, and the brandmark we developed created an immediate impression of vibrancy that both resonated with the target audience and reflected the values and personality of the brand.”

Justin Pattison – Account DirectorFresh Brand