Employing a complete rebrand that got everyone working together

With the need for the brand to work harder with all their consumer segments and the diversification of services, Fresh worked with the employment organisation to create a new name, visual identity, communication messaging and website to firmly position them as Australia’s leading service provider.

Making it work for employees and employers

Formed in 1982 as Apprenticeships Plus, the newly named APlus links apprentices and trainees with employers across more than 50 separate vocations.


Aplus Rebrand

The Challenge

To develop a new name and identity for the Apprenticeships Plus organisation - one that would appeal to employers and employees alike - to achieve its vision of becoming Australia’s leading provider of qualified and highly skilled apprentices and trainees. The existing name was not reflective of the breadth of services offered and their visual identity appeared dated, in this highly competitive sector.

The Solution

Fresh worked closely with the Executive Team and Board to define a new name and strategy for the brand. This established the much-needed foundation from which to design and develop professional, consistently branded communications collateral.

The name ‘APlus’ was adopted, enabling the organisation to maintain a link with their historic beginnings, whilst reflecting their broader service offerings and desired positioning as a ‘best-in-class’ business partner.

The new visual identity was developed to represent the personality of the APlus brand: professional, diligent, supportive and accessible. The ‘plus’ device serves as an indicator of groups coming together to work towards positive outcomes, whilst at the same time alluding to the added value that the organisation offers.

The tagline ‘APlus makes it work for all of us’ was created to further strengthen their position as a true partnership, working for the interests of employers and employees alike.

The subsequent, extensive, brand roll out encompassed a new CMS website, office and vehicle signage, uniforms, stationery and marketing communications collateral.

“The team at Fresh Brand were well informed, professional and mindful of our budget in proposing solutions. Fresh took APlus along the journey to our new identity with empathy and a commitment to quality, from research through to the development of our new corporate identity and communications platform. I would recommend Fresh to any business in the NFP sector which might be looking to review, refresh or update their branding.”

Janette Etherington – CEOAPlus - Apprentice + Trainee Services