Annual Reports

A modern approach for a traditional organisation

With the aim to get them recognised as an outstanding charitable organisation, in a crowded marketplace, Fresh created annual reports showcasing the human connections that underpin Anglicare’s work in the community.

Supporting so many others in so many ways

Anglicare supports the needs of the vulnerable in the community through foster care, food and material aid, care for children with disabilities, and crisis accommodation.


Anglicare Annual Reports

The Challenge

To effectively showcase Anglicare’s work, whilst taking a fresh, bold approach with their annual reports, moving away from a traditional look to one that’s more progressive, to position them in thetop echelon of contemporary charitable agencies.

The Solution

Fresh commenced by reviewing Anglicare’s values and mission, and from that it was clear that the report needed to position the organisation as accessible, hands-on and in touch with individuals, families and the community.

Based on highlighting Anglicare’s ability to achieve real outcomes for the community’s most vulnerable people, the use of case studies, real life imagery, and the intelligent representation of meaningful statistics was employed.

With people at the heart of everything they do, it was also important that the report drew attention to the human connections that underpin Anglicare’s work. So, through the portrayal of real people, dealing with real situations and achieving positive outcomes, the report emotionally connected with the key target audiences – individuals and organisations who can support Anglicare in continuing to provide vital community services and programs.

“The Annual Report is outstanding – Congratulations!
Clearly an enormous amount of thought and work have gone into it and I think it looks fantastic. The Report certainly portrays the real work Anglicare does in the community.”

Anglicare Board MembersAnglicare Victoria