Anglicare Winter Appeal

A campaign that helped out those who help others

With the imperative of having strong cut-through in a crowded charity market, Fresh delivered Anglicare a high impact campaign with a bolder and more contemporary style, combined with an approachable, conversational tone.

Supporting so many others in so many ways

Anglicare supports the needs of the vulnerable in the community through foster care, food and material aid, care for children with disabilities, counselling, assistance for victims of child abuse, and crisis accommodation.


Anglicare Winter Appeal Campaign

The Challenge

To develop a campaign that had high impact and strong cut-through in a crowded charity market, while still maintaining the caring tone of the Anglicare brand.

The Solution

The aim of the Anglicare Winter Appeal was to encourage donations from new, existing and lapsed donors, as well as raising public awareness of Anglicare’s work.

The campaign needed to be bold and direct and ‘cut to the chase’ to stir the emotions of the audience in an immediate fashion. The concept developed, of ‘tough choices’, clearly highlighted the plight of those Australians living below the poverty line who are forced to make tough choices between essential items during winter, such as paying the electricity bill or purchasing medicine.

This really put the target market “in the shoes” of those receiving help from Anglicare and worked well to create a strong feeling of empathy. The campaign then encouraged potential donors to make a difference by ‘choosing to help’ through donating.

A vast range of elements for the Winter Appeal campaign were created including printed collateral, outdoor banners and billboards, as well as press advertisements.

“We engaged Fresh to develop concepts for our major appeals in 2012 and have been amazed with the outcomes. The concepts developed have helped Anglicare to engage donors and potential donors on an emotional level and thus, deliver our fundraising messages more effectively.”

Nichole Alfreds – Donor Relations CoordinatorAnglicare Victoria