shaping a distinctive

brand identity

into a fully integrated system

one brand, driven by one powerful idea

Once we have developed the underlying brand strategy, we begin to shape the way your brand is perceived across all touchpoints, internally and externally. We look for the right idea to drive all the components that support it and we are constantly mindful of the need to integrate words and images. How your brand looks and how it speaks need to be totally compatible.

a consistent, clear and connected experience

We create more than a logo. We are able to create a total system that gives structure to the brand identity in a consistent, connected and clear manner. This gives you a unique set of tools across vital brand interactions. This is followed up by a brand guidelines document that ensures all users are able to understand how to apply the brand identity across all touchpoints.

key services include:

  • Logo and brandmark development

  • Visual identity

  • Brand language

  • Brand guidelines

  • Brand templates